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Live Tech Support

24*7 Customer Support. Quick solution to your problem. Access to service while travelling. Unlimited Support for Subscription Period.

Exclusive Support Plans

Response within 24hours. Onsite technician visit. Resolve Hardware/Software Issues. Flexible service plans. On site visit timings 8AM to 8PM

Why Us?

24*7 Highest resolution rate in the industry in minimal response time. Flexible service package which is competitive market price.

Infotech9 – Relinquish Your Worries

Infotech9 is one of the leading computer support brands with its firm focus on customer satisfaction. We have thousands of satisfied customers utilizing our services and products today related to PC problem. We work closely with our customers and give a personal touch while resolving their issues. Our products and services help our customers to protect their computers from various kinds of damages. We invest heavily not only on excellent support staff but also in a strong research and development team. Our research and development team constantly monitors the changing needs of our customers to deliver solutions that effectively address the issues of our customers while keeping their long term needs in mind. At Infotech9 our staff members are constantly trained to be polite and understanding. We do not track our staffs performance on basis of how soon they were able to get the customer off the phone. Our staff members are trained to remain on the phone as long as our customers need us. We do not time our technicians but instead we focus on customer satisfaction. Our services are specially designed for those that feel deprived of the necessary computer knowledge in this modern era. We respect the little understanding of our customers about computers and help them to understand and go as far as training them. None of our customers ever complain about being rushed or being looked down as our staff members are trained to respect.

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